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A sense of humor is also one of the things men like in women, especially in women they are planning to settle down with!

Time to find your funny bone, ladies!

Now, I wonder why is that so… are they planning to make a lot of jokes or do they just want to make sure we’re able to find positive or maybe even funny sides in the future events that aren’t guaranteed to be stress free and easy?

I don’t know but a sense of humor definitely gets my vote!

Taking Care of Herself


@Cid, this may not be true since I've never really been in a relationship (:P), but I'd rather have someone be spontaneous and be themselves, than for them to hold themselves back or be too shy to do things they love.
"Pretty is, as pretty does." Pick a man who values both.
Making breakfast for him was great in the morning. His way of saying thank you it was delicious was the most amazing feeling!
Its funny how a woman can have all these qualities but he still cheats on her. Very interesting
@Michifer, I absolutely love your comment! I feel the same way lol
I have all of these qualities and yet :'( just bcuz im a bit chubby it doesnt count
So... not to put a fly in this very nice ointment... but do men really appreciate spontaneity, or do they just want you to do what they want, when they want, with little thought to you or inconvenience to themselves? Because I don't really see the authors elaboration on being spontaneous having anything to do with that, and more with just being comfortable in your own skin and being genuine... which should be everyones goal. Just IMHO.
Fifi Feriel
very true
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