10. Funny

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A sense of humor is also one of the things men like in women, especially in women they are planning to settle down with! Time to find your funny bone, ladies! Now, I wonder why is that so… are they planning to make a lot of jokes or do they just want to make sure we’re able to find positive or maybe even funny sides in the future events that aren’t guaranteed to be stress free and easy? I don’t know but a sense of humor definitely gets my vote!

Taking Care of Herself


#16 Her Voice #17 Your Touch
Aren't these traits that WOMEN like in men?? A tad antiquated...if my man doesn't like the way I drive, deal breaker? NO...
Kirstie Mills
It's great if you are all these things, but seriously?? Why is always women should be like this women should be like that... It's ridiculous! How about just finding a man who loves you for you. You don't have to be all these things to keep your man happy!
okay so theres this guy i really like and he CLAIMS he likes me and that he doesn't want to be with anyone else, yet theres this one girl that he cannot keep his eyes off of, even when he's around me....
I have never had a boyfriend. Perhaps this could help. Boost my confidence and be more out there and me :)
Hey! I need some advice. So I lived in a small town for three years and my best friend live two doors down. The thing is her brother is my age and I sort of like him on and off for those three years. ...
"I hope you like it" a little too much a perfectionist.. xD but anyways
there are still few things I need to change in myself.. but the spontaneous, being funny, and tomboyish part are too much XD.. I'm not so serious sometimes it seems like I am a teenager rather then 24...
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