12. Strong

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One of the best things men like in women, a quality like no other, a virtue that no woman of today could live without – strength.

You don’t have to lose your best damsel in distress act, in fact, you can even let him “save” you once in a while, but he has to know you’ll be there if things start to get ugly.

He has to know that there is a strong rock he can grab for under that delicate butterfly facade of yours – a woman he can count on.

Natural when It Counts


hey do we have to be like a fully grown woman to checkout this website cos i am only 10! :)
Bruno Ferreira
Oh, well. of course it's good to have a woman with all those traits, but she definitely has to be charming, sexy, good in bed, and not jealous. Accomplished and fulfilled women have a tendency of not being jealous, but still some insecure women are boring and too jealous and love to make those emotional blackmail.
As a guy only 6,8,9,11 are better than good looks, especially 9. Just being honest, I mean come on, good driver better than good looks give me a break.
use good language too, Don't Ever use foul language in front of a guy it does make you unattractive.
Yeah...that was a bit ridiculous to read.
i have a crush and he looks beyond how good of a driver i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg i love an atrrack tive guys with abbb and everythinh lmao
I don't pay attention to any of this. If the girl has nice boobs and a nice butt, I am INTEREsTED!!
these are all good facts
Hm. Well as a man, I have to say that all of these things are completely accurate.
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