12. Strong

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One of the best things men like in women, a quality like no other, a virtue that no woman of today could live without – strength.

You don’t have to lose your best damsel in distress act, in fact, you can even let him β€œsave” you once in a while, but he has to know you’ll be there if things start to get ugly.

He has to know that there is a strong rock he can grab for under that delicate butterfly facade of yours – a woman he can count on.

Natural when It Counts


Philip Prine
This list really nails it. I was 45 years old before I met a complete women like this. We are happily marrued now, and I have never been happier. An accomplished and confident women doesn't rely on me completelh for her happiness, she is Lready happy. In I complete women is unhappy with her self, and no ammount of attention will make her happy. Needy women are sooooo not sexy, no matter what their physical aplearance is. Beautif and needy is the worst, a recipe for many failed relationships.
Nice article
Ross Bot
i agree.a way to a man\'s heart is through his stomach but did you know a way to a woman\'s heart? a lot of BS. a man will say a lot of BS just to impress her that is why you women needs to be careful. when a man notices that she gets starry eyed,thats bullseye for BS.
Ross Bot
i think its me lol
but... i love my boyfriend TONS but I always feel im not pretty enough for him... whats a good tip that will make me feel confident and strong?
wow thanks this really helped!
Awesome tips. It's true, we have to love ourselves completely before anyone else can!
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