14. Isn’t Scared to Get down & Dirty

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Of course, getting down and dirty is going to be a huge plus to a guy.

He wants someone that isn’t going to freak out about a bug or getting their nails dirty.

He wants someone that would be down with doing ‘boy’ things and can be tomboyish just sometimes!

Motherly Instinct


Aren't these traits that WOMEN like in men?? A tad antiquated...if my man doesn't like the way I drive, deal breaker? NO...
Kirstie Mills
It's great if you are all these things, but seriously?? Why is always women should be like this women should be like that... It's ridiculous! How about just finding a man who loves you for you. You don't have to be all these things to keep your man happy!
okay so theres this guy i really like and he CLAIMS he likes me and that he doesn't want to be with anyone else, yet theres this one girl that he cannot keep his eyes off of, even when he's around me...it gives me such an empty feeling inside every time i see that he's doing it :( i want to know if he actually wants me or is just using me
I have never had a boyfriend. Perhaps this could help. Boost my confidence and be more out there and me :)
Hey! I need some advice. So I lived in a small town for three years and my best friend live two doors down. The thing is her brother is my age and I sort of like him on and off for those three years. In the last few months (during summer) my friend was always very busy and I ended up hanging out with her brother. We became very flirty with each other and I'm positive he like me back. One day I stayed over at his house pretty late and we were on the couch and he had his arm around me. We didn't kiss but we were close. Then one day he just stopped talking to me on Facebook (which we didn't talked much on, maybe twice). When we were in person he seemed so happy to see me but when I messaged him he would see it and not reply. Now I moved 8h away but I'll see him pretty often since his sister is my best friend. I tried getting over him but I can't get him out of my head. What do you think happened? What should I do? Should I wait a and try to message him again? I don't want to have a long distance relationship but just can't move on for some reason
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