15. Motherly Instinct

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Ah, the motherly instinct is a definite must for most guys.

He wants someone that will take care of him … and in turn, he will take care of you.

Guys also want to know that whomever they choose to have a family with, their kids will be taken care of in the best possible way.

You see, the things men like in women are almost the same as the things women like in men.

Interesting, huh?


Do you know of any other things men like in women?

Feel free to ask your man, too!


I've not read all of the comments here, but I do have a comment on the article as a whole. If looks are not the focus, why are all of the women in the accompanying pictures then and gorgeous?
@like?, I have been single again after a 4and a half year relationship. It's been almost a year since it ended, but right now I'm not even dreaming of a new relationship. What I (and probably most guys miss at this time) is female friendship. Just to hang out with, have a drink with and yeah a good laugh. A female friend can be your opportunity to get to know a guy, without both of you expecting a relationship, for now. Things might or might not develop further than just friends, but getting to kmow him as just a friend can be a way of finding out.
So you play hock together? That's a great starting point to get to know a guy better, if you have similar interests. Ask him how his match went or maybe get your team together with a social occasion, a dink maybe. He'll be relaxe hopefully talk to him.
@Heather, yep when we see a girl we like but think she's way out of our league or alreay probably taken, what do we do. Go for it and ask a guy out ;)
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