3. A Good Driver

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Although our men often complain about female drivers, most of them would agree driving skills are a must for a modern woman. But, some of them are ready to go even further and admit they ❤️ a woman who can make that engine purr like an overgrown kitten! Shocking? Nah, not really!

Accomplished and Fulfilled


Yes, have a friend investigate.
@Kitty, Forget about your feelings and fantasies about this guy. Set a very narrow goal: try to make him laugh. When he says something funny, add to it. Guys who like to make girls laugh love when gir...
@tbug, You're best bet is to make him jealous. Tell him cute guys keep txting you. Don't overdo it and leave room for it being a funny way to get him. Your out should be humor. Also don't take anything or person too seriously.
Great list. #12 might be adjustable as girls do the waxing and beauty stuff as much or more for their own enjoyment, girl socialization, and competition. It's not 'the guy' who is the one who enjoys it all... though we certainly do like it too! ;-)
Heather Jensen
Hey Hannah! It sounds like he's got a huge crush! :) I'd see if you can flirt with him a bit, see how he responds!
Hannah Umphers
Hey! There is a guy who I'm good friends with and I text him a lot! I'm starting to think he likes me, but I'm not to sure. I will catch him staring at me sometimes, and today we were staring at each ...
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