3. A Good Driver

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Although our men often complain about female drivers, most of them would agree driving skills are a must for a modern woman.

But, some of them are ready to go even further and admit they ❤️ a woman who can make that engine purr like an overgrown kitten!


Nah, not really!

Accomplished and Fulfilled


Gia Gale
In other words: perfect. Mmmm men like perfect woman wow!!!
Ivannette Kirwan
I'm all of the above but funny thing is. These guys these days just play too many games.
@Amanda got one but doesn't realise any of them lol or maybe he does but doesn't have to say it lol xx
@Nett sweetie your a junior in high school! Don't worry you still have so much growing up to do. Focus on important things (school, friends, memories, college, family, and most importantly discovery of yourself. The right guy will come along you just have to e patient. Fate has a way of working things out. And don't worry about his skin color?? Does it really matter?? Furthermore you have so much more to learn and mature that most likely any relationship you have will not last ( I am not trying to offend you I'm just trying to be honest). And you have to do what you want not what your friends want, but try to respect your parents because believe it or not most of the time they do know best. As for the first guy... Leave him. He is a jerk and you don't need him.
I can't cook. My ex-boyfriend could cook very well though, and he loved to teach me how. I still never quite caught on, but he didn't mind as long as I cleaned. ;P
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