5. Able to Enjoy Her Food

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Eating healthy food and trying to cut down on unnecessary calories is one thing;

obsessively counting them is something completely different.

While this first thing is actually good for you, the second one won’t really impress him.

Being able to go out to a restaurant or a pizza place, to relax, to have a good time and talk about your food in terms of how good it tastes instead of how fat it’s going to make you shows that you’re confident… and we already know confidence is one of the things men (real men) like in women – don’t we?2

A Good Cook


Sorry tbh
Is this even true for all races
Sorry to say this.. but all these traits described in this post are very traditional social constructs of what society thinks 'modern femininity' should be. Just be yourself irrespective of what society thinks you should be ✌️
I loved every single post, how profound and true
Trina Haynes Yarborough
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@pikachu_lover20 thats it 👍🏻
Sounds soooo freakimg simple ....but you have to work hard for it
Mila Lern
For some reason simple never worked for me ;(
Mila Lern
Very simple ;)
What you see is what you get, take it or leave it. Don't like it? Leave me alone. Simple.
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