8. Ready to Compromise

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Every man feels better when he knows his lady is ready to negotiate and work hard to find a solution that will be acceptable for both sides.

So, I hope you’re ready to compromise, girls, because although guys like boobs and long legs, they all agree this non-physical quality is far more important.

It makes for a much longer, happier, more fulfilling relationship as well.



I've. Tried and failed to get over him someone please help
Hey Deborah! Is the guy you like engaged to someone else? If so, you can't mess that up. You will just have to think about moving on, that way you can find someone that is worth your time.
Great list but what should I do the boy I really really like who is the same age as me is engaged and he hasn't told his parents should I tell them I'm Christian and lying wrong I don't now what to do
@Ali, i really liked many guys in high school and beyond, and tried to be all those things on the list, but it never mattered. I would see other girls making out with the guys I liked and think, "Why her? What's so great about her, other than that she has a nice body?" I didn't want to believe it was my being overweight, but I finally got it. Now I'm almost 50, and nothing's changed. Guys would rather be with a slim girl, even if she has a plain face and not that accomplished or fun-loving, than be caught dead with an overweight woman. Their buddies might think, "Is that all he could get?" It's a big deal among guys -- a status thing. I read "He's Just Not That Into You" by Greg Behrendt,, and it was another shock. He says that if a guy wants to meet you and talk to you, you will know. Even if he's shy, please don't call him, ask him out or pursue him. Even very shy guys find a way to meet someone they like. Be patient, and be philosophical if he never contacts you. You can't be all things to all people. And if he really is too nervous to ask for your number, then he doesn't want to try hard enough to overcome his problem. Please don't "help" him. Other girls may argue that they have a boyfriend and they asked him out, or they're heavy, but someone asked them out. These are the exceptions to the rule, and don't always work out. Some guys may say they like it when a girl asks them out, but when a guy breaks up with a girl, it's most often with the one who asked him out, not the other way around.
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