4. Arms


For as much as we try to hide our arms, it is the one of the best things men love about our bodies.

They love how strong they are and how soft they can be.

So wrap your arms around your man next time you see him!



I agree boobs are not everything!
oh my god.............. i lovvveee david tennants body :)
I'm a 21 yr. old lady and I'm attracted to the jawline and overall face shape (how masculine and strong it is), hand (big and strong), height, shoulders&arms, and of course the smile and expressive eyes (happy, sexy, flirty, mysterious) I can't pick out of these features the #1-they're all equally important :)
loveya ;)
personally i think that a guy should be cute but like come on it mostly matters whats on the inside <3
I'm a guy and It really annoys me that girls carry on about how they want a guy with a hot body. Bit the minute a guy says they want a girl with a hot body they get their head bit off for it.
seriously dude. keep it to yourself. a lot of girls feel self-consious about their bodies, and your'e just making it worse. i mean, don't you have feelings. i think everyone is beautiful just the way they are. we don't have to fit into some stereotype. the inside is what really counts. qw can work on our outer appearence after our inside appearence is good. we just need to love ourselfs.
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