5. Backs


Men love spines.

It's a known fact that they love the way our back feels pressed against them.

So why not show your back off in a sexy top or even a backless dress?

It's guaranteed to get your guy going!

Backs are sexy ladies, so show it off!



Roger Smith
My 7 favorite things would be Breasts, butt, small of back, inner thighs, neck and lower belly, I can easily name a couple sets of 7 more. I love a woman's body and feel it is the greatest of all creations.I'm the kind of guy that could have a harem and love ever one of my fine ladies. There is a general rule about a list like this. It depends on the body style and attitude of the woman. I see hundreds of ads for women that are looking for men. I've been looking for over 10 years. They speak of what they desire in a man, including muscular, six pack and other forms of fitness. Then they say they are a "BBW". They might say, if the guy doesn't like a "Full figured", or "Curvy" woman, then move on to the next ad. I would think that 99.9 percent of the men do move on. I don't know what idiot came up with these fat is okay terms, but they are to conceal the fact that these are fat, heavy, pudgy women. Allowing for these new descriptions really allows for these women to have an excuse to over eat and stuff their faces until they are fat and ugly. They forget that they are not sexy at all and they want me to accept it. Why? Any women can be trim and looking very nice, even sexy. They mostly all have the potential. If fat was cool, then there would be a lot of advertising, movies, TV shows and magazine ads with fat women in bikini's. Playboy magazine would make a big deal out of it. The advertisers and marketers that make up these spreads are professionals that have done years of research, using men's attitudes, surveys, test ads, even psychology to be sure they cover all bases for the highest potential of sales. We see fat women now in some ads and shows, but it is probably forced through a program like affirmative action or whatever. I would bet that the fat woman is not why any of these things sell. I don't think it would be intentionally done. Maybe some executive has a fat wife and she demands that he include her body style in an ad once in a while. Otherwise he would be cut off from her "Pillsbury dough girl" body.
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