15 Things Men Love about Our Bodies ...


Things Men Love about Our Bodies are not necessarily the things that we love about our bodies.

Ladies, you know that we can be our own worst enemy, but some of the small things men love about our bodies are probably things we wouldn't even find attractive.

Don't worry though, I've got the low-down on things men love about our bodies so that you know, just what your man is looking at!

1. Soft Skin

Soft Skin

Men love, love, love our soft skin.

If you think that your skin is not one of the major things men love about our bodies, it's simply not true!

Think about it, a man's skin is typically rough, so they like being able to feel something soft around them when they are cuddling.

Keep your skin moisturized with a scented lotion and he won't be able to keep his hands off you!2



Morgan L. Ei
Hey, collar bone is sexy
Daniel Lu
Like this!
i like a mans back, shoulders, neck and hip..=)
I actually have had a guy tell me his favorite part about a woman is her collarbone
We've added a link at the bottom. Thank you!
You should credit that image at the top... http://www.flickr.com/photos/of_infinite_worth/5275935218/
or the other one starting with V
don't ya mean "HUMP her bones"?
From my male perspective, it's true that there's more to a woman's body than her boobs or butt. She could be a Victoria's Secret model, but if her skin is rough or whatnot than I may want to keep a distance. This is some good info for the ladies.
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