17 Things Men Will do 🤔 Only if They're Crazy 🙃 about You 💘 ...


How do you know if your man’s crazy about you?

There’re certain things to watch for in your relationship and certain things he might do.

If you see any of these then know that your man is crazy in love with you.

It’s a beautiful thing to realize your relationship is amazing!2

1. Hold Your Purse

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Let’s face it.

Holding your purse isn’t on the list of things guys love to do.

Yet they’ll do this gladly for a girl they’re crazy about.

Whether you’re trying clothes on or dashing to tell a friend something, if your guy does this for you then realize how much it truly means.

You’ve found someone who thinks you’re over-the-moon wonderful.2

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But I had to pick him up from the subway station after I had finished work, he didn't even bring an umbrella. When I told him he should always be prepared when he is travelling, he was acting very rude and impatient. I am sure he was never crazy about me
My ex and I had a long distance relationship, he came to visit me
Feministas unite!
Bm n
@Kira Hanna Keppel,yes i guess
Kira Hanna Keppel
Is masculinity so fragile that men are too afraid to show any signs of femininity? God forbid they hold a purse or defend a woman they aren't in love with.
Now if you can find a man to do these things... Marry him!!!
I disagree with the defending thing. Friends should defend one another from inappropriate attacks REGARDLESS of whether or not they are "in crazy love" with one another or not. Loyalty towards your friends is a basic characteristic of good friendship LONG BEFORE the "crazy fallen in love" stage, and should apply to ALL friendships, not just when you're "crazy in love" with your life partner.
LaDonna Love
My man does those things too I feel like his queen everyday and love him for everything he does too
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