3. Defend You

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Guys won’t defend a girl they’re not crazy about.2

Most guys are non-confrontational and feel that a lot of things aren’t worth the fuss.

But when you really mean something to a man, he’ll passionately defend you.

You’re special to him and he can’t stand the thought of anyone not appreciating you for the special person you are.

If your guy stands up for you then realize what a treasure you have!

Visit You at Work


@Sevina- thank you! I hope when I get me some local friends, hopefully I'll find me my kind of man :) Or somewhere else :)
Doxie Mama
Oh hell yes. Only the good ones will hold the purse !!!
Sevina Hartry
I found mine through a friend I worked with once upon a time. He was trying to talk to me and one night he face timed me and he had this really handsome friend over who, afterwards, got my number and we started talking...and that's how I met my man. Lol
To the girls who have a BF or married.. if you can kindly tell me Where can I find a man like this?
I need a man with all these qualities
God send me a man like that πŸ˜©πŸ™
Ohhh really?????!!! help !!! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
Cerniessa Fami Gonzaga
Hi! 😊
But I had to pick him up from the subway station after I had finished work, he didn't even bring an umbrella. When I told him he should always be prepared when he is travelling, he was acting very rude and impatient. I am sure he was never crazy about me
My ex and I had a long distance relationship, he came to visit me
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