6. Take Care of You when You’re Sick


If your guy brings you orange juice, chicken soup and Tylenol when you’re sick then you’re one lucky girl.

Those are signs he’s very into you.

A guy that’s not head over heels may tell you he’s sorry you’re sick or that he hopes you feel better soon but he won’t deliver things you need.

Of course you always want to appreciate these sweet gestures when your guy makes them.

He’s telling you that his feelings for you are deep without coming out and saying it.2

Stand by You through Hard Times


Now if you can find a man to do these things... Marry him!!!
I disagree with the defending thing. Friends should defend one another from inappropriate attacks REGARDLESS of whether or not they are "in crazy love" with one another or not. Loyalty towards your friends is a basic characteristic of good friendship LONG BEFORE the "crazy fallen in love" stage, and should apply to ALL friendships, not just when you're "crazy in love" with your life partner.
LaDonna Love
My man does those things too I feel like his queen everyday and love him for everything he does too
Very well said!
This is very true:) I remember when my ex was all of these things and in one day it was completely gone so ladies do not tAke these acts for granted ever cause when they are gone they are gone!
Joë NA
My man does all of those things. Even my tampons. I feel like being a queen.
My husband does this things , he is sooo sweet
My man just combined two of them. I got caught without a tampon at work. He bought some and brought them to me at work!! He's so sweet.
My husband does these too. He's amazing!
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