13 Things Men Say πŸ—― That Women Completely πŸ’― Hate 😑 ...


Call it honesty if you'd like, but there are conversations filled with things men say that women hate.

It’s a case of freedom of speech gone wild!

As a matter of fact, as I write this, I continue to come up with more ways our male counterparts put their crusty feet in their mouths.

For now though, here are the seven things men say that women hate.

1. Random Smile Requests

What has to be the worst of the things men say that women hate is that we hate to smile.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, but more often than not I am asked to share a grin while minding my own business.

I should be able to walk into the drugstore (of course, to get some time-of-the-month products!) without having a total stranger request that I smile.

What is it that I'm supposed to be smiling at anyway?!

2. Dissin’ Your Job

Perhaps you're not exactly using your college degree.

This doesn't give a man the right to pat you on the head and brush off your moneymaker as "just a job." In today’s economy he should be glad you’re employed, period!

If it's an honest living, work your heart out.

3. When He Describes Another Woman

There is nothing wrong with giving harmless compliments.

We girls are guilty of looking twice at a hottie, right?

However, even the most confident woman doesn't want to hear her man go on and on about how big someone's butt is.

Oh my God, Becky!

4. It's Complicated

Seriously, girls, any man over the age of 18 knows what he wants, or doesn't want, in a relationship.

It’s time for him to define the status!

He knows what he likes in a car and in a sneaker;

his choice in a woman is no different.

Either he's all in or he's not, so don't accept things as merely "complicated."

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