4. Arm Candy


Men appreciate when the woman in their life takes time to look her best.

You don’t have to be a supermodel for him to be happy.

Just putting some effort out there to look your best is enough and you can trust that you will look great in his eyes when you do.

Take a little time to apply some makeup and fix your hair before you see each other.

Wear something he likes to see you in and watch when he notices the effort you made.

A Pleasant Tone of Voice


I recently saw some info about the respect thing on whatmensecretlywant.com. very interesting and worth checking out. I buy into it. Lol it makes sense, men see love and respect as one and the same.
I should say SOME hilarious comments, not meant to offend the writers of the serious ones.. deep throat lol but True story. Lol
Lol hilarious comments. Love it.
Olufemi Oyebola LODGE
What a great insight!
Loved this article! I agree with all points. I wish I would have read this earlier in my life... To actually apply it to my past relationship. Overall, great article :)
Sapna Sharma
Can't agree less at all! So true that my man loves all of this and I realise without any effort I end up encouraging him and participating in his world. He loves to be 'with' me when I'm not physically with him. He likes to know I'm safe and having fun if I'm out with my friends!
Oludamola Idowu
It requires some little effort to do the 11 if one is really sincere!
Ruth Larabee
11 things Men want from you but wote tell you it would be nice if i could see more then # 1
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