7. Appreciation


Men like to be appreciated and it doesn’t take a lot to express this.

A simple β€˜thank you’ accompanied by a sweet smile can go far in showing you appreciate whatever it is they are doing for you.

Maybe your guy took you out for a nice dinner or took care of some maintenance on your car.

Whatever it is he is doing for you, appreciating the act will endear you to him.

You will probably find that he wants to do more for you when you appreciate his efforts.



@TheYellow1, This is David Gandy, amazing male model. and sorry, I've got first fantasy dibs ;)
It is all nice to have
So true
hlo frnd
This is so so true. If you respect your man everything else falls into place.
Cailey Sanchez
This is a great list, it's simple but in all honest we need a reminder of the simple things every once in awhile. Thanks!
When I'm A Man I Won't Need Any Of Those Because Girls Are Mostly Nice So Girls Always Are Nice They Do All Of That
they want from you but they never tell because they don't want to be close with you they are waiting first your step to you after they will tell you we are only friend
I love this one. sometimes we're so quick to throw our men under the bus or always compare what we want to their needs, it's time we appreciate them more, respect them not walk on them. thank you!!
good list goes both ways. men think its ok to be fat, um no, i dont want that eithee
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