8. Recognition


Sometimes, men have to play many different roles and they do a lot for their friends and families.2

Take time to mention these things to the man in your life so he knows that you recognize what a good son, brother, friend, boyfriend, husband or father he is.

Men rarely get recognized for all that they do for others and he's sure to appreciate the recognition.



Egypt Morgan
I cannot imagine, nor do I want to, a life away from You Father! We also ask for strength to handle the things we thought we wanted and now we need strength to please give us the things of Your will, not our own! Thank you Father God for every single thing
Egypt Morgan
Oh Lord, we just ask us to forgive us for our sins and recognize that we all fall down on the job sometimes. We recognize our own weakness and ask you to prepare our hearts, our own weakness so realize that apart from You we can do nothing.
Egypt Morgan
Ok well, we can start that too! Let's just put that out there and see what happens!
ZeCo Chuncky
I love this app really speaks about me and how I see woman in general πŸ™πŸΏ much appreciate and wish there's app for men that I can post on about women 🌹
Egypt Morgan
Naveed Fatima
Very true article
Naveed Fatima
Good info to share.. Guys deserve admiration too.. Lol.. Lots of my good friend are just smearing their bf/husband like nothing.. Poor guys
I agree men love so much respect
Henry Phan
Is it strange that a guy can see these things?
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