8. Recognition


Sometimes, men have to play many different roles and they do a lot for their friends and families.

Take time to mention these things to the man in your life so he knows that you recognize what a good son, brother, friend, boyfriend, husband or father he is.

Men rarely get recognized for all that they do for others and he's sure to appreciate the recognition.



Very interesting article, thanks. My men likes when I focus that hi is strong and brave and honest. And tender :-)
I do all of these out of love, respect and admiration I have for him. He is my blessing.
@Mitota, I used to think all guys love their private time till I met my guy. And I'm amazed that he isn't one of them. In fact I am the one who needs private time sometimes.
Rebecca Piggott
My new boyfriend loves it when I compliment his arm muscles, and when I touch them. He also really appreciates me wanting to meet his friends and going around the golf course with him when he plays. He's also trying to lose weight and get fitter so likes it when I tell him how good I think he's doing with his running, and I go to the gym with him when I'm able to so we can work out together, and I keep him motivated when I'm there with him.
Di Na
i love the article thank u
Di Na
@Sean Mccarthy, i think it meant to do some effort ( not all the time , we don't have to look glamed all the time but showing them how great we could look like some times ;) )
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