9. Independence


Men love their independence.

This doesn't mean that they want to be left alone all of the time, but they do like to be able to do things on their own without having to check in or be made to feel guilty.

Remember to give your guy time on his own to hang out with his friends or just have some alone time.



I'd rather not date a guy than do all this work from other arrivals we have to do s Bunch of things and it's always stressing like do I do this or oh no yesterday I didn't conceal my zit or something like that honestly
Yu Ling - maybe they want to sing you a lullaby. Get real now. What do you think they want? As for the 11 things men want. Isn't that what we all want. A relationship is about give and take.
YuLing Elayne
can i know why guys love to meet at night when you are about to sleep. what do they actually wants, i cant figure out.
I think women & men are on the same page with these desires.
Respect for each other should be the number 1 priority of a relationship.Everyone goes through ups and downs but your mutual respect for each other is what gets you through itπŸ˜€P.S...I have been married for 21 years.Without respecting each other,nothing else will fall into place
Carrie Waters
I think UNCONDITIONAL love is something they want too, but won't necessarily ask for it
Sarah Adams
Men love a deep throat
Sarah Adams
Men secretly want a girl that Doesn't talk to much and can cook, having a deep throat sadly may be the only way to keep a man these days things don't change ladies
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