7 Things Men Want You to Tell Them Bluntly ...

Sometimes, we hope that our partners will read our minds, but there are some things men want you to tell them bluntly.

Making him guess how you're feeling never ends well.

Your relationship will work better if youโ€™re both completely honest with each other, even when you think he should already know how you feel.

Here are the top things men want you to tell them, so that theyโ€™re absolutely sure of your thoughts:

1. Whatโ€™s Wrong

Weโ€™ve all said that weโ€™re โ€˜fineโ€™ when weโ€™re actually upset.

Your man probably knows that youโ€™re annoyed with him, but has no clue why.

Instead of making him reconsider every move heโ€™s made in the past week, heโ€™d prefer you to simply air your grievances.

The fight wonโ€™t last as long when he knows exactly what he did wrong.

The biggest things men want you to tell them are the reasons they messed up.

That way, they can prevent doing it again in the future.

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