7 Things Men Want You to Tell Them Bluntly ...


Sometimes, we hope that our partners will read our minds, but there are some things men want you to tell them bluntly.

Making him guess how you're feeling never ends well.

Your relationship will work better if you’re both completely honest with each other, even when you think he should already know how you feel.

Here are the top things men want you to tell them, so that they’re absolutely sure of your thoughts:

1. What’s Wrong

We’ve all said that we’re ‘fine’ when we’re actually upset.2

Your man probably knows that you’re annoyed with him, but has no clue why.

Instead of making him reconsider every move he’s made in the past week, he’d prefer you to simply air your grievances.

The fight won’t last as long when he knows exactly what he did wrong.

The biggest things men want you to tell them are the reasons they messed up.

That way, they can prevent doing it again in the future.

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Juway Bhalla
hope all is well with you @ireneglanzmann. it is pretty interesting how a relationship can be affected when different cultures join together. we have to keep reminding that it can be a very positive aspect of a relationship and I guess communication verbally about interests, conflicts can make a huge positive impact to a relationship.
Irene Kim
there are moment when my mind is wondering away into a "static mode" being tuned out and when my man looks at my face he sees this concern look like some thing wrong but in reality I am having one of those days when the Braun is less likely to function. some times the way he thinks and the way. I think are too different things and how we grew up are two different things bug one thing I have learned is it understand his American Culture and my Korean American Culture isn't alike. I am so glad after two years of pain and struggle we are able to come to an agreements and compromise because neither one of us gave up. then again in some ways with women's intuition we find things out soon enough. I know. I did. it really through me off finding out some things he has done. it got pretty messy.
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