17 Things Men Who Are anti-Relationship 🚫💏 Want Women to Understand 🤔 ...

Some people don't like being in relationships.

It happens to men, happens to women, happens to anybody.

Maybe you're into someone who is not into relationships or maybe you feel that way yourself.

Everyone's absolutely entitled to their own opinion, but the issue has a few different perspectives that are worth considering.

There are things women and men who don't want a relationship need to understand, even if they don't ultimately change their minds.

1. You Aren't Going to Be Controlled if You Commit

You Aren't Going to Be Controlled if You Commit

Commitment doesn't equal control – at least it shouldn't, not in a healthy relationship.

You're still a person, you still have autonomy, you're just including someone else in your life.

Girls Are Typically More Mature and Want a Relationship