19 Things Men Won't Say 🗯 but We All Know 💭 Are True ✌🏼 ...


We all know there are some things men will never tell you.

There’s a reason why women are known as the more communicative and emotional sex, and many men don’t know where to start when it comes to expressing themselves properly using words.

Whilst there are undoubtedly some men out there who are good at speaking about their emotions, there are still some things men will never tell you.2

1. They Miss You


If you’re lucky enough to have a boyfriend who is always texting you that he misses you – you’re very lucky indeed!

Saying ‘I miss you’ is one of the things men will never tell you;

or they’ll say it rarely.

For some men, an admission that they miss you and want to see you is a sign of dependency and weakness, and if they want to keep the upper hand in the relationship, they’ll keep their distance when it comes to displaying their emotions.

Luckily, you can sometimes get your man to open up by being the one to initiate the ‘I miss you’ conversation – hopefully, he’ll take the hint!

They Don’t Always Enjoy Boy’s Nights out


It is said females are complicated, but I would have to say having to figure out what he is thinking, feeling, and what he is in the mood for is difficult for me because I let to let others know what I want.
i m not sure about that hi is not telling me i miss you but when we met hi is very active i don't know if hi is not telling me ,is this mean hi is not missing me
omg these are such cute reasons. i love my baby.
Im a pretty average guy and not much of this really true. Always funny to me when one gender tries to tell the other one how it feels/thinks, rarely is either side correct. I guess this should be expected from a website that doesn't realize it's domain name can be read as All Women Stalk.
Irene Kim
Hanisha, I know plenty of guys and are quite reserved. what is your gut telling you if it tells you to go forward I recommend that you take that shot. Be the bold woman you can be and go for him ask him on a date and pay the tab. be that kind of woman knowing what she wants. Be that kind of woman a man needs. you've got this. :)
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