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It doesn't matter how old you are, what gender you are, or how much money you have--you're a valuable person. That's why you should stop putting up with people who treat you like trash. If someone crosses the line, you have the right to talk back to them or to cut them out of your life. Here are a few things that no self-respecting woman should put up with:

1. Being Used for Sex

You aren't a sex object, so don't let yourself be treated as one. Never let a man use you for sex (unless you're using him for the same thing). Never let a man pressure you into having sex, either. Any time that someone treats you as if you're only useful for that one thing, put them in their place. You're so much more than your beautiful body and pretty face.

Physical Violence


Ps not 20 something it's an EVERYONE something!
No it's right on it ladies and obviously men on this chat! I will tell you all this wonderful tip of the ice berg excellent piece - should one perpetuate any of it or give in even once - you will be ...
if someone has to deal with these things at some point of their lives, it doesn't mean they're weak. This is so childish and sexist I'm sorry.
So ridiculous. This was obviously written by a twenty something.
Unlike.... Unlike.... Unlike
Verbal abuse
Sisters been doing to extra if u know what I mean...yeah we listing @jackie
@katie it's not saying people who have been manipulated into physically abusive relationships. It's saying if someone hits you, call the police or at least cut them out of your life. It's trying to he...
Are we really dismissing women in physically abusive relationships as having no self respect? I'm so sick of people blaming women for staying instead of blaming the abuser. There are a million and a h...
Gee Gina
When you are gay but men try to convince you that you aren't because it's "too hard for them to hear". Stand up for your rights and be proud! #Pride
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