7 Things Not to Include in Your Online Dating Profile ...

Dating websites have become much more popular over the past several years, but there are definitely some things not to include in your online dating profile. One of my best friends has decided to give online dating a try and after helping her sort through the sea of profiles out there on the various websites, I realized there are several things that people put on their profiles that result in an immediate thumbs down. Some of these things not to include in your online dating profile may seem like common sense, but there are countless examples of them on every single dating site out there.

1. A Photo of You and a Member of the opposite Sex

One of the biggest things not to include in your online dating profile is a photo of you and a member of the opposite sex. It doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend or your brother, everyone who looks at it is going to think it’s your ex and if you’re posting photos of you and your ex, you clearly aren’t ready to move on. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have a caption that says “Me and my Bro!” because people will always see your photo, they won’t always read what’s written below it. This includes, by the way, cropping people out of your photo. If there is a stray arm, hand, or side of a head in your photo, don’t use it on your profile.

2. Past Marriages

I cannot count the amount of profiles that say something about their second or third marriages. If there is an area on the profile that asks whether or not you have been married before, absolutely fill it out correctly. But don’t go into detail about how many times you’ve been married and how many kids you have with each former spouse. I am absolutely NOT saying to hide this information. You should disclose details such as these in private messages to those who are interested in you, but you don’t need to put it out there for everyone to see and judge.

3. Don’t Focus on Your Flaws

Don’t say things like “I’m fat, but working on it,” or mention your rather large nose or any other aspects of yourself that you dislike. While you may find them to be flaws or negative points, someone interested in you may not even notice them. If you make a big deal out of something, it calls more attention to it than is needed and basically highlights the negative feature for everyone to look for.

4. Lists of Things You Dislike

If your profile is full of “I hate liars,” “I don’t like kids,” “I can’t stand people who smoke”… don’t expect to get a whole lot of messages. It is perfectly fine for you to dislike anything you want. Everyone has an opinion about everything, but if you fill your profile with all of the things you don’t like, you end up looking pessimistic, grumpy and unhappy, and that doesn’t really fit the mold of the type of person most people are getting to know.

5. Lies

Don’t lie on your profile. Lies aren’t the foundation on which you want to base your budding new relationship. Anyone you are starting to date should like you for who you are and having an online profile is one of the simplest ways to allow total strangers to get to know you, so don’t fill it with nonsense that you’ll later have to backtrack on.

6. Barely Clothed Photos

Half naked photos on dating sites drive me bonkers. Leave something to the imagination, you guys! It’s fine to show a hint of cleavage or something, but a sports bra and bikini panties are not profile picture material. It makes you look like less of a lady and it might get you a quick one night hook up, but it isn’t going to get you a meaningful relationship. I know some people have the mindset that if they can hook them with the sex appeal, they can keep them with their personality. But in all honesty, the people that respond to nearly-nude photos aren’t truly looking for a relationship, so keep it covered up.

7. Blatant Sexual Language

This ties in with the barely clothed photos, but it definitely deserves to be talked about on its own. You don’t need to talk about your prowess in bed or how kinky you are and all of the wild things you are into. Those are fun things to discover after you start dating. Again, it will only attract a certain type of person and lead to sex, not a real relationship. Intrigue and mystery make for good conversation and great build up to that first time together. Don’t ruin it by laying it all out there before you even get started.

If you have an online dating profile, keep these no-nos in mind; maybe it’s time to update your info. What sorts of things have you seen on dating profiles that you think people should remove?