9. “You’re Single, I’m Single, so Let’s Have Some No-strings Fun.”

Guys, this is one for you.

Just because a girl is single doesn’t mean she’s always up for ‘no-strings’ fun.

Some of us are actually looking for something a bit more meaningful, so just because we’re out at the bar with our friends, don’t make any assumptions!

It’s far better to get to know us and find out for yourself what we’re looking for – if you’re just interested in one thing then many of us will just keep looking.

Keep these tips in mind and you’re less likely to offend single friends and family members – remember, there’s nothing wrong with you if you’re single.

Sometimes, being single is a harder and braver choice than being part of a couple, as you’re dealing with everything life throws at you on your own.

But that means you’re tough, in control and living life the way you want it, and what could be more attractive to Mr Right than that?

Have you ever offended a single friend, or are you single and have to put up with rude comments from other people?

Share some of the worst ones with me, and make me feel better!


Totally missed: "You'll find someone when you least expect it (or stop looking)." That always deserves a throat punch. ;)
@Angie Vallejo I think all relationships and people are different. Whether he proposes 2 years, 5 years or never as long as both parties are happy it doesn't matter. I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years and neither of us have any interest in marriage and he is committed to me and me to him.
I'm sick of people assuming that all women want children. I can't stand kids and don't ever want them. Therefore, my biological clock is not ticking, and I'm in any hurry to do anything.
Heather Reeves
@Angie Vallejo I am happily married, however we waited until after college to get married, it was 4 years before he proposed. With that being said ladies, we did live together, and if your guy is not at least making baby steps toward marriage, or visibly sweats at the mention of it, then it is time to re prioritize his feelings for you and your relationship...
The worst was girls nights... Which turn into "by 11pm I really start missing my boyfriend, let's meet up with them" 😠 Is the night no fun if you don't go home together ??
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