9. “You’re Single, I’m Single, so Let’s Have Some No-strings Fun.”

Guys, this is one for you. Just because a girl is single doesn’t mean she’s always up for ‘no-strings’ fun. Some of us are actually looking for something a bit more meaningful, so just because we’re out at the bar with our friends, don’t make any assumptions! It’s far better to get to know us and find out for yourself what we’re looking for – if you’re just interested in one thing then many of us will just keep looking.

Keep these tips in mind and you’re less likely to offend single friends and family members – remember, there’s nothing wrong with you if you’re single. Sometimes, being single is a harder and braver choice than being part of a couple, as you’re dealing with everything life throws at you on your own. But that means you’re tough, in control and living life the way you want it, and what could be more attractive to Mr Right than that?

Have you ever offended a single friend, or are you single and have to put up with rude comments from other people? Share some of the worst ones with me, and make me feel better!


Julia Paige Campbell
@ekmcc24 I HATE it when people say that about love. No one ever says that when someone is looking for a job or a place to live. Why is it different for love? I've been single since mid-2012. Still no boyfriend & I haven't been looking either.
@Colleen I'm the same way lolol. I can't stand children!!!! Some women are just not motherly material and it's best that people don't push us about that because they will hear something that they don't want to hear.
People always ask me these questions but I have a reason that would blow them out of their shoes. Lmao.
I had my daughter at 40 and she is perfect!!! Every body is different - it's a chance you take
Gusti Wardhiny
Zlati, just cuz u had healthy children in ur thirties doesn't mean everybody will. I no so many people who have children with disabilities because they had kids after 30
@Destinee Antilley ..I got married at 34...I had a perfectly healthy beautiful baby girl at 35 and a perfectly healthy beautiful baby boy at 36...just a late bloomer!
Destinee Antilley
The chance of serious birth defects like down-syndrome and miscarriages goes up a lot in women after 30....
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