7 Scientifically πŸ”¬ Proven Things That Deter πŸ”€ Men from Cheating πŸ’” ...


According to Cosmopolitan, there are a few things that science claims reduces a man's desire to cheat. Some of them sound pretty silly, even though there have been studies that suggest that the facts are true. You can decide for yourself by looking at this list of things that science claims reduces a man's desire to cheat:

1. Your Paychecks Are Equal

When a man makes more money than you, there's a higher chance he'll cheat. When he makes less than you, there's an even higher chance he'll cheat. But if you make around the same amount of money, he should remain faithful.

His Friends Don't Cheat


This was an interesting article and I can appreciate the behavioral science studies behind it. Thank you, for your insight!
Amanda Lilley
Yeah, he does hate heavy metal. All this time, the " death metal " screamers, are more faithful ones? Who knew? I'm sorry with all my comments, I'm hurting right now, but I am going to click the LIKE button on your article.
Amanda Lilley
He was born and raised in New York State.
Amanda Lilley
He quit touching me, and I was there.
Amanda Lilley
He has three siblings and his Mother spent more time with him, my husband cheated on me with two different women, that I know of.
Amanda Lilley
I showed my husband I love and appreciate him and listened to him for hours at a time sometimes, and he cheated anyway.
Amanda Lilley
His friends don't cheat, and my husband cheated on me.
Amanda Lilley
We do, and my husband cheated anyway.
@Taylor I agree
He's from the Midwest? Are you kidding me?
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