14. There is More to Life than Boys

There is More to Life than Boys

If your love life is not going so well as of the moment, then learn to focus your energy on other areas of your life.

Thereโ€™s your education, your friendships, your hobbies, and your family.

Letโ€™s not forget about yourself, your habits, and your personal growth.

There truly is more to life than boys.

Donโ€™t let them, or the lack of them in your life, bring you down.

Your life as a modern teenager is complicated enough as it is, what with school, social, emotional, and mental problems, and juggling relationships with family and friends.

Add teenage love into the equation, and you sometimes feel like youโ€™re in over your head.

But remember that in reality, things are not as bad as they seem in your head.

Donโ€™t let your emotions, hormones, and imagination get the best of you.

Welcome the lessons that teenage love has to teach you.

You will be a much better person for it.

What other lessons do you think should be taught to or learned by teenage girls (or boys)?

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i fell in love with my best guy friend who was totally hot but I got an UNBELIEVABLE amount of crap for it. be careful.
Help! Please?
Oh millie, That's just awful! Forget the guy, what was your best friend thinking?! I'd say find new friends sweetie and don't worry about getting over him. You'll realize soon enough that he doesn't deserve that kind of attention.
my boyfriend dumped me and went out with my best friend on the same day .. and it upset me and i still am now after quite afew dayswhat should i do? help please!
I thought I made up that phrase! lol
Well, I'm in Junior high, and I've NEVER had a boyfriend! My friends and family all call me pretty, but guys have never asked me out! And I have a personality that makes everyone laugh, and I'm very outgoing! I know that guys have had crushes on me, just never more than that! What can I do?!
You're welcome :)
Hey there! I really need sone help with this guy I really like... We've known each other for a while, but I don't know if he likes me, and if he does, what do I do?! He's really cute, polite, funny, smart, and sadly, popular! And lots of girls like him! Okay, so we talk every day that we've known each other. Sometimes short little chats, sometimes long conversations. Once, I was really cold in my class, and I might have phrased it the wrong way, by saying, "Can I steal your jacket?" but when I said that he looked at me weirdly and smiled! He never gave it to me... Also, I really needed help with my math assignment, and he didn't hesitate to help me, and he made sure that I got it before he left. And, I ALWAYS catch him staring at me! He smiles at me a lot too! Once, we both stayed after school for a club we're in, and I thought my mom was there, and when he asked where I was going and I said home, he got really sad! Then whenever I found out that my mom actually wasn't there and he found out, he got really happy! But once, he was talking to one of his friends and he knew I was behind him because he was talking to me right before, and he yelled really loudly, "I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!!!!" I don't know if he actually does, or if he was trying to make me jealous! I'm just really confused about this! Can you please help me soon?! Thank you so much!
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