14. There is More to Life than Boys

There is More to Life than Boys

If your love life is not going so well as of the moment, then learn to focus your energy on other areas of your life.

There’s your education, your friendships, your hobbies, and your family.2

Let’s not forget about yourself, your habits, and your personal growth.

There truly is more to life than boys.

Don’t let them, or the lack of them in your life, bring you down.

Your life as a modern teenager is complicated enough as it is, what with school, social, emotional, and mental problems, and juggling relationships with family and friends.

Add teenage love into the equation, and you sometimes feel like you’re in over your head.

But remember that in reality, things are not as bad as they seem in your head.

Don’t let your emotions, hormones, and imagination get the best of you.

Welcome the lessons that teenage love has to teach you.

You will be a much better person for it.

What other lessons do you think should be taught to or learned by teenage girls (or boys)?

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my friends and i say 'sisters before misters'
Hey Anon! You can absolutely impress her with any of those things! Try to get her alone though. Is there a way to get her alone? Maybe ask her out, see if you can bring her to your house and have one of your instruments set up!
Hi Anon! I think that if you do like someone else besides your boyfriend, it might be time to move on from your boyfriend to the guy that you like.
Hey Colleen! It sounds like he might like you as more than a friend! Have you tried to talk to him about it? If not, maybe bring it up. He might just now know how to take the next step with you.
Hey Kitty! I'd talk to him a little more! If you get him alone, you might feel more comfortable and might be able to see if those little looks were him flirting. Start out with flirting first and see if he responds, after that, who knows what could happen!
hmmm... well i would TALK TO HIMM!!! or give him a compliment to start the conversation!
I'm really shy, and there's this guy in my class i have a huge crush on. We always end up sitting beside eachother in class (even though seating is mostly random) and this month was no exception. I always want to talk to him, but my shyness doesn't make it easy. He gave me a hug once, but he gives everyone hugs, and i was surprised and i hesitated a bit. Sometimes i catch him looking at me in class. I can't tell if he likes me or is just trying to be friendly. I'm really quiet and fairly smart, and he's more of an outgoing, athletic type of person. What should i do?
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