7 Things You Don't Realize 🤔 Are Ruining ⛔️ Your Sex Life 🛌 ...


Is sex not happening as much as you’d like it to?

There could be several reasons for that.

When you find yourself in this position, it’s easy to feel frustrated or concerned over your relationship.

Uncovering what’s ruining your sex life is the first step to getting it back on track.

1. Electronics

This may be the number one thing that’s interfering with your sex life.

Smart phones, iPads, iPods, laptops and more have changed our worlds.

They’re exciting, helpful and fun, but they’re also a distraction from real life and engaging in relationships with others.

If you think this is what’s ruining your sex life, talk to your partner.

Maybe you can agree to put technology to bed before you turn in to give you some special time to enjoy each other, face to face.



Ashley Gamble
@Jacqueline Amador, I couldn't agree more. I think i'd be okay with it if the intimacy was there in the relationship. But when your relationship is not as intimate as one would like I think thats selfishness on the one watching the porn and only thinking about their needs. I don't even want JUST sex its about the connection and intimacy between two people. I'm struggling on how to fix it.
What sex life.
Luckily my S.O. Is NOT a boxer. They have to abstain before a fight.
Porn causing an issue really depends on the relationship though.
Jacqueline Amador
I think this article is missing one thing. PORN. Don't get me wrong, having visuals can not only be fun but also great for putting you in the mood with or without your parter, but it is also very damaging when it is over used. Think about it this way; watching something on a screen that turns you on over and over stimulates your "pleasure button". When over stimulated, having real life sex can be less pleasurable because it does not meet the same expectations as watching porn.
Brittany Marie
Football season should have been on here lol
Very true and also not getting sexy or all set up to get sexually attracted to may be one of the causes. Sometimes the guy would just randomly look at you and realize how beautiful you are and he'll get closer and start it all 👌🏼 get set up and look pretty meanwhile he's watching
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