2. No Ambitions

A guy with no ambitions, passions or goals is a lost cause. Looks can only take you so far, right ladies? The second you start talking to them and realize that they have no future plans, disappointment automatically sinks in! And I think that goes for anyone, male or female, because ambition, drive or determination is attractive!



Maiya White
You know I always said I would never be the girl who stayed with a guy who did drugs or drank excessive, and if I ever found out I was dating one such man I wouldn't be the girl who just couldn't leav...
My girl has 1,3,4,6... I have 7 at times...I'm a woman as well...
Used to like*
I liked this guy who was really nice and everything but then my friend told him I liked him and now he is really rude
I could not agree with this post more!
I was with a guy who would love to drink and sometimes wouldn't want to stop. If he ever got mad at me for whatever reason he would want to drink more and more and act so mean towards me. He would hav...
Okay I dated this guy who was everything a girl could want. Sweet, athletic, smart, innocent in terms of sex, and extremely....EXTREMELY attractive. The type of guy girls wait in line to date. Well he...
Sydney Prickel
Hey guys I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 years he is almost 22 years old but yet he acts so immature at times which annoys the hell out of me, he also is very unhealthy and never cleans up after...
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