2. No Ambitions

A guy with no ambitions, passions or goals is a lost cause.

Looks can only take you so far, right ladies?

The second you start talking to them and realize that they have no future plans, disappointment automatically sinks in!

And I think that goes for anyone, male or female, because ambition, drive or determination is attractive!



Irene Kim
Dixieland, I agree with you.... I am telling you it's not worth it. I know cause I dated these people. I felt so stressed out cause of it.
Cee Vee
Guy who has no backbone and a wondering eye to the extent other women feel comfortable to touch him in front of you = run fast
Good article! I hate cocky men!! Ughh
I agree with Dixieland. My soon to be ex husband belongs to this type of guys. Now he moves to live with a cougar cause I can't be a sugar mommy to him. He is older than me 3 yrs. He is too lazy to help me to build our life together.
I think they're describing my brother here :O
The one who brags about everything is the worst!
socheata chhour
Men who get jealous easily
i agree with Dixie. like men to be strong on the outside and a soft inside. :)
Men who are followers!
Wow, I've dated all of them v.v
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