4. Third Wheeling

Nothing is more awkward than having to spend the day with a couple as a third wheel.

While they can’t get enough of each other, you are stuck staring into space thinking of how you can get out of this situation.

Plus it doesn’t help when the couple is actually cute and you begin to envy their blossoming relationship.

Being Reminded by People That You Are Single


SunShine Gurl
I don't mind being single but now it's to a point that I feel like I am missing out. I am at a point in my life that I will like to be with someone. But I hate when people say to me "Oh girl your 30 it's time for you to find a man, and think about marriage." I just want to slap some of my friends some times.
I was staring at my crush who doesn't like me and my friend said "why aren't you two dating" she means well but it sucks
I agree with you Anne! The grass almost definitely isn't always greener!
I don't mind being single for a while, it allows me to work in my goals in life harder. I have gotten higher marks and got into a higher special BFA program because of it. I didn't need a man during the whole thing. being single allowed me to find my strength and grow. and for valentines day I didn't wallow because I was single I went out and shot some laser guns and had a blast with a friend and my sister. I honesty don't care what people think because what really matters if I'm happy, and honestly I think if you can't be happy with yourself then don't expect some guy or partner make you instantly happy. true happiness comes from within.
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