17 Things That Should πŸ’― Automatically Be Deal 😣 Breakers πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ ...


There are certain things no woman deserves to put up with.

Even if you think a man is right for you in almost every way, you need to leave him if he crosses the line, because one deal breaker should signal the end of the relationship.

If you're not sure what's considered unacceptable, here are a few things that should automatically be deal breakers:

1. He Cheats

He Cheats

If a man sleeps with someone else or kisses someone else, it's grounds for a breakup.

You should be the only woman in his life.

He Insults You


Number 6 and 14 are stupid reasons to break up with someone you care about.
My ex/rapist fell in every single fucking category.This post has left me with no words ... I'm having a hard time trying to heal from the trauma.The good news is, I've learned a lot and I will most defiantly not make the same mistakes again !!!!
@Sweet_Cheeks Being abusive is not a deal breaker to you?… Yikes. You're going to be unhappy in your relationships if you don't know when to leave. Abuse is never okay.
How about takes wayy to many selfies?
Holly Riordan very good article! :) Girls trusttttt me, if he isn't willing to sacrifice and go down on you, yet you can't get off any other way, then he's selfish and it's a bigggg red flag. He should at least try
But if they don't pleasure you in the bedroom how you like, the relationship is going to suck (no pun intended) with no orgasms.
Drugs and jail in the past is fine but if he's been clean or it was a stupid act as a YA (my girlfriends best friend right after she turned 18 got her really high on pills that she usually took and then made her rob a liquor store. My girlfriend got 3 months and sentenced rehab, the other one got 3 years and rehab) so I don't care about that, she did the time anyway and nearly 20 years later she laughs about it every time we see a movie with them in prison and she talks about how the staff was at hers and how hard it would have been to do anything of the things they do without a co catching you or at least catching on. The rest are definitely deal breakers. If a man doesn't go down on you but expects a bj then dump him. If neither of you are interested in oral, then that's fine too.
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