22 Things That Turn Most Men and Women off ...


Ladies, did you know there are certain things that turn men off as quickly as flipping a light switch?

It’s true.

While there are always exceptions to the rule, this list of things that turn men off are things that make men want to turn around and run the other way when they see these behaviors out of a woman they are in a relationship with or are interested in.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want that.

It is wise to give these things some thought to see if any apply to us.

1. Dressing Trashy

One of the things that turn men off is dressing trashy.

What I mean is when you dress to let it all show, not just a hint of cleavage or some leg.

Men have more respect for a woman that dresses attractively but not too provocatively.

I think that dressing sexy can be a wonderful thing and I heartily support that.

But I have to share with you this piece of wisdom passed down to me from my mother.

It is always best to leave a little to the imagination and that’s the truth.2

Speaking in a Crude Manner


What is this the shite! This is another way of telling women to get back in the kitchen the Stepford Kitchen - Ms Pankhurst would faint with horror.
I don't get the part about money you spend on yourself. It's your money and not up to him on how much you spend
Why is this entire article about what men like.... Who cares be yourself if someone man or not can't appreciate you for who you are sooo what be turned off!!
I swear a bit and me and my guy talk about bodily stuff like periods and such and he doesn't mind he'll actually ask about stuff like that sometimes and is genuinely curios about gossip sometimes and gets me to vent and stuff(I think he just likes feeling strong) and I swear a lot he doesn't mind he'll actually start laughing for some reason and he loves me shooting off my mouth I don't see the problem with this stuff especially the part about all male friends I only have one friend of my gender all the rest are guys and half of them are our mutual friends he likes me being one of the guys actually no offense but some of your advice doesn't work for a lot of people it works for some yes but other than that it's a good article thingy
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