22 Things That Turn Most Men and Women off ...


Ladies, did you know there are certain things that turn men off as quickly as flipping a light switch? It’s true. While there are always exceptions to the rule, this list of things that turn men off are things that make men want to turn around and run the other way when they see these behaviors out of a woman they are in a relationship with or are interested in. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want that. It is wise to give these things some thought to see if any apply to us.

1. Dressing Trashy

One of the things that turn men off is dressing trashy. What I mean is when you dress to let it all show, not just a hint of cleavage or some leg. Men have more respect for a woman that dresses attractively but not too provocatively. I think that dressing sexy can be a wonderful thing and I heartily support that. But I have to share with you this piece of wisdom passed down to me from my mother. It is always best to leave a little to the imagination and that’s the truth.

Speaking in a Crude Manner


From the author that brought us the glorious "how to win every fight with your boyfriend" article, I'm not surprised by the sexist information given here. Just be who you are ladies, if he can't stand your potty mouth someone else will love you for it.
Anna Gardner
Why as females do we need to adhere to socially constructed ideals of femininity. This article is incredibly sexist. Why not ask what men can do rather than making us feel that we are the ones who need to change?
Estefania L. Chio
I think you should look into feminism, sorry but this article is so misogynist I can't even begin to tell you how effing infuriating is this piece
Інна Коритан
Idk..I've been married for 2 years and I'm pretty sure my husband has seen me in every way imaginable :p he still tells me I'm beautiful and we have a happy marriage! My husband doesn't mind if I talk...
3,6,7, I've read the 22 comments posted so far and I'll check back later. Don't trash his family let him do it and agree. A real man will tell his family this is the woman in my life so keep that in ...
@Tina you missed everything.
It seems like you could narrow this list down to two items: shut up and be pretty. Did I miss any thing?
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