22 Things That Turn Most Men and Women off ...


Ladies, did you know there are certain things that turn men off as quickly as flipping a light switch? It’s true. While there are always exceptions to the rule, this list of things that turn men off are things that make men want to turn around and run the other way when they see these behaviors out of a woman they are in a relationship with or are interested in. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want that. It is wise to give these things some thought to see if any apply to us.

1. Dressing Trashy

One of the things that turn men off is dressing trashy. What I mean is when you dress to let it all show, not just a hint of cleavage or some leg. Men have more respect for a woman that dresses attractively but not too provocatively. I think that dressing sexy can be a wonderful thing and I heartily support that. But I have to share with you this piece of wisdom passed down to me from my mother. It is always best to leave a little to the imagination and that’s the truth.

Speaking in a Crude Manner


Beth Pridie
I actually agree with this article because I actually look at it from a mom's point of view as well as a woman myself. I would never want my son to date someone that would swear at me or him, disrespe...
Rachel Cross
** xD
Rachel Cross
@Julia right?!?! I agree with you and mostly cos I do all these things too x
Ya Tan
@Dascha we aren't living in 1970 anymore , we don't end to be all dainty and ladylike, also cuss words rule , just be yourself
This article is disturbing. Blast from 1950?
I swear like a sailor, I talk about whatever I want including all those gross icky things and if I shoot my mouth off I do. I'm not going to hide who I am to get boys to like me. My boyfriend loves me...
I think that all of these things define who you are as a woman. It's not only important to mind your language and dress nice for man , but most of all for yourself !
Feminism? Yeah, who needs it. Don't shoot off your mouth, ladies, and dress to please! And god forbid you mention those dirty feminine things! As far as men know, we don't even poop! Kinda glad Betty Friedan isn't around to see this.
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