3. Don't Act on It

When you have a crush on your cousin, you don't want to act on these feelings. This is your family and acting on these feelings could cause a lot of confusion and could cause a lot of controversy. While I know it might be a little hard in the beginning, you've got to resist acting on your feelings.

Seek Alternative People to Crush on


11 and yaas
I willy have a crush on my cousin and bin thinking of her but I'm scared to ask her to go out
Naing linn
I love her about 7 year I always dream about her and I always remember her, she is very cute than other girl I ever see.while I see her my mind is very happy and very shy.I think she love me in the wa...
Naing linn
I love my cousin sister Honeyfar
Jacqueline Rebel
i like my cousin. hes cute asf tho
Jacqueline Rebel
:3 i can relate lol
Jacqueline Rebel
bruh stfu XD this shit is dumb. if you got a crush on your cousin go for it damn. Yolo bitches
Charity Windom
I fill stupid for this but I have a Big Crush on my cousin but we like each other but we get in fights a lot but we want to be together but my family and his would chop of our heads if we had dated so...
@Olivia, :( Why don't you try to take interest in some one else??
John Vincent Breaker
i started to fall in love with my cousin when i am grade 6 and still now that i am 4rt year high school...the truth is i am 4 years older than she.we kiss 30 or 36 times?..and now i dont know if that ...
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