7 Things to do if Your Ex Won't Leave You Alone ...


What do you do when an ex won't leave you alone? If you have an ex that just won't leave you alone, it might be time to look into some tips and tricks to make sure that he leaves you alone. Below, I've got the top 7 things to do if you're ex won't leave you alone! So ladies, let's kick those exes to the curb and take a look at my tips on what to do if an ex won't leave you alone!

1. Talk to Him

One of the best ways to communicate when an ex won't leave you alone is by talking to him. Who knows, maybe he just needs to closure, maybe he just needs to see that you are ready to move on. Talking to him can actually be something that will help him get over you and can actually help him leave you alone. Just make it clear that you two aren't together anymore, so he needs to let you go.

Remind Him Why You Broke up


My ex is too emotional..
I had a crazy ex who find as many ways to threaten me and make my life horrible in order to get me back. I ignored him completely and even blocked him. Took him a few months for him to realise that I'll never get back to him.
@Ashley, I'd have a talk with him, just state that you are already with someone else and that you are happy, he is going to just have to move on!
Anon, that sounds dangerous! I would definitely see if you can involved the police if it gets any worse. That sounds awful!
Sounds crazy Anon! Please be safe and yes, get the cops involved if he won't back off. He sounds dangerous! Thanks for reading.
Yes! We were together for a few months then I come to find out he has a wife and a child and lied about his age and everything about him. Talk about an elaborate lie. Now he wont stop talking to me, c...
Hey Ashley, If you've tried being nice to him and explaining that you want nothing more to do with him, maybe it's time to ignore him completely. Thanks for reading!
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