3. Really, Don't Blow up Her/his Phone

Really, Don't Blow up Her/his Phone

Believe me.

I completely understand the urge to keep firing off message after message when someone won't answer you.

However, you need to avoid this urge at all costs.

You'll be so angry at yourself later, plus it gives the other person so much power.

Not to mention, you don't know why s/he's not texting you back.

If something came up and your crush comes back to dozens of missives from you, it's not a good look.

Text Your Friends Instead


@Livebeauty don't worry.. Just chill... Let him miss you, pretend that you don't care and he will start to chase you... And then act normal, I mean guys want to hunt and they are interested.. He will do everything to get your attention
I find it so hard to let go. I still have his number nd go to his insta and think abt it all da time still when i kno that he moved on with life like nothing happened and is out partying. And im often still thinking about it and didnt move on yet
He read it 2 weeks ago but nvr rpl. And only few days ago i saw that on whatsapp it was read aftr all, like the blue ticks b4 it said delivered. So he kept it on his phone and kept receiving notification of having an unread message for the past two weeks.
Omg my life story! About two weeks ago i asked my crush number and we were having a nice convo, and suddenly he didnt rpl at all anymore. I graduated from that skool so i wuldnt c him anymore. Thats why i asked da number and he gave v positive signs so
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