9. Stop Analyzing All Your Interactions

Stop Analyzing All Your Interactions

This goes right back to blaming yourself, and it is so unnecessary.

Replaying everything you've done and said will drive you crazy.

Don't Fake Text


I find it so hard to let go. I still have his number nd go to his insta and think abt it all da time still when i kno that he moved on with life like nothing happened and is out partying. And im often still thinking about it and didnt move on yet
He read it 2 weeks ago but nvr rpl. And only few days ago i saw that on whatsapp it was read aftr all, like the blue ticks b4 it said delivered. So he kept it on his phone and kept receiving notification of having an unread message for the past two weeks.
Omg my life story! About two weeks ago i asked my crush number and we were having a nice convo, and suddenly he didnt rpl at all anymore. I graduated from that skool so i wuldnt c him anymore. Thats why i asked da number and he gave v positive signs so
Is it that easy!
Indi Sage
Wish this had come about 2 hours ago when I foolishly did all of those things!!!!
MB pathan
Trust me . . This was on time
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