7 Things to do when His Feelings Are Stronger than Yours ...


Girls, I know this seems like the least of your worries, but sometimes it really is hard to be with someone when his feelings are stronger than yours.

A lot of times the guy comes on too strong and scares you away before the relationship even starts.

I'm here to dish for you on the best way to keep the dating slow and steady, and in your control.

That way if you do really like him you can let your feelings develop at your own pace, without being turned off by him.

Here are 7 things to do when his feelings are stronger than yours.2

1. Assure Him You like Him

If this boy likes you more than you like him he definitely needs to be reassured you like him.

Side tip: don't be with someone so insecure that you have to wear a t-shirt that says "I like you" 24/7.

But it is important to show him affection, share with him your feelings about him, and make him feel good about himself.

Think to yourself if you were in his shoes, how would you like him to show the feelings are reciprocated?

2. Be Honest Where You Stand in the Relationship

I have a pet peeve for girls trying to people please boys just to feed their ego.

There is no reason you need to lie to him just to make him feel better about himself.

If you aren't exactly sure how you feel about him, but know you do like getting to know him and being with him, that is okay.

Let him know.

Being honest about where you stand in the relationship keeps out the emotional guessing game.3

It's not fair to a guy to be led along.

So don't be afraid to hurt his feelings because you were honest.

He'll be more hurt by the fact you lied about how you truly felt.

Enjoy the Ride
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