7 Things to Never Say on a First Date ...


Whether you’re a dating newbie or seasoned pro, you’ve probably heard that there are things not to say on a first date! Oftentimes, gals slip up on that vital meet up because of a few questions they should’ve saved for later (in some cases, much later). So, I’ve put together a list of 7 topics you should avoid delving into the first time you go out with Mr. Right –or Mr. Right Now. After all, you want to ask the right question on a first date right? So girls, without anymore excuses, let's explore my top 7 things not to say on a first date! Good luck, ladies!

1. How Many Girls Have You Slept with?

One of the most important things not to ask about on a first date is the number of girls your potential new guy has either dated or slept with. Though it might become your business in the future (like when you discuss the topic of STDs), now’s not the time to give him the third degree. It's the first date after all! You don't want to grill the man and make him think that you are too intense. Lighten up, if you get ready to have sex with him, that's the time for this question!

You’re so Much Better than My Ex


Heather Jensen
Too funny! Thanks for the comment Jean and the tips!
Jean-Simon Lavoie
For n.7 : If you wanna he come home with you. Just find an excuse... (guy trick to bring a girl at home and avoiding being crude or direct .) E.g : If guy like wine "you have to come in my flat. ...
Berell Kohn
Yeah make sense. But I notice. Most date want who had a good money and good job too
Heather Jensen
That's so true! Thanks for the addition!
" I love you" is another major one as well. I witnessed my friend do that and trust it doesn't look good, it makes a girl look like a slut : /
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