10. Professing Your Love

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If this is the first time either of you are saying the L-word, don't do it via text.

It's a big deal and saying "I love you" over a text message makes it less special and it might appear like you easily utter these special words to anyone.

Thinking of You


Sapna Pathak
Loved the article I mostly do all of these n yes the guys go crazy
I feel like some of these are sending him signs that you're trying to avoid him. In my opinion, these are good reasons, but if you like a guy, go for it. Don't worry about trying to be mysterious or something
I find it's better to have less words too, right your message and take out the words you can, attention focused on the main words, guys don't have a lot of enthusiasm to read long texts
What if it's not just another boy? What if it's your fiancรฉe or husband?
I Have A Question Is Bad To Tell My Boyfriend Everytime Something That Bothers Me? Like When We Txting Ifeel Like Isay To Much When It Comes Down To My Feelings ๐Ÿ™Š
hey pepes just joined how wonderful is that
Help! I never know what to reply to this guy who i really like-- we were talking about our uni timetables and i was saying how mine was shit and he replied 'Oooooo yeah that would've been annoying' i want to a)answer b)change the subject but how c) set him up to ask me out.
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