10. Professing Your Love

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If this is the first time either of you are saying the L-word, don't do it via text.

It's a big deal and saying "I love you" over a text message makes it less special and it might appear like you easily utter these special words to anyone.

Thinking of You


Crystal D
Oops! Boyfriend
Crystal D
I def will keep these tricks up my sleeve when I text my buy friend
I agree with the sex appeal part but playing too hard to get can keep a great guy wondering and feeling insecure. You want the guy to feel comfortable and secure with his choice (you)
amanda alexis
#6 was the best advice! :)
Monique Ramat Tomines
Really needed this :) ..
Trace Dawn
I say be urself and the ones who text you back are the only ones worth talking to anyway! Sheesh ppl!!! Get a clue!
Heather Jensen
That is great advice Harlea!! :) Thank you for that!
You are awesome.. thanks
Some these I use but most importantly be your self no guys (unless there jerks or players) like fake girls if your not all about being sexy then your not. It's simple when your with somebody just remember u need trust, don't lie, don't be fake. one day they will find out then if the guy doesn't like it u will have drama. Just my opinion
@Erica, Idk but I want sex but not while I'm on my fuckin period
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