11. Thinking of You


The next time you're going out with your girls, shoot him a text letting him know that although you'll be out having fun with the girls, you'll be thinking of him, too. Or why not just send him a photo of your hot outfit? That pretty much guarantees that you'll be on his mind!

Sweet and Sticky


In my opinion, most of the things in this article were trying to place rules on texting even though the author states "I don't like texting rules". Very hypocritical. It isn't necessary to be watching...
Ahaha @Becca, right?!?
This whole article is bogus. Most of these things are What not to do when texting a guy.
First of all I like this article it's inspiring. But you should never lie to your boyfriend about being somewhere else when your not or doing something when your really just at home. This will cause more problems than you had in the first place..
Omg does anyone know where the first gif was from? Please help
And #5... If the phrase "hey sexy" reminds him of his mother, that's disturbing. What a weird article.
This article is so dumb xD It's basically telling us just to lie. Especially the texting while driving one... How about this: don't text and drive to begin with!
Lindsay Cagampang
OMG! I'm so screwed up! I should have read this article 2 months ago! I could have saved what could've been! πŸ˜•πŸ˜•sigh....
Emma Zain
Number 10 whats the TV show that's on the picture
Kiana Dalton
Wtf is with three?! I'm not gonna let him sexualise me to like me
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