12. Sweet and Sticky

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Everyone loves a compliment, but there is such a thing as being too sweet.

Anytime you compliment your guy, make sure it's not over-the-top or it can come off as fake or as if you pay a lot of people these compliments.3

Make it unique to your guy and avoid doing it too often.



Don't lie, you won't impress anyone. Second not all this works for an adult relationship.
Jane Doe
Heather Jensen
Hi Mel! I don't think the advice was necessarily childish, but it was definitely designed for someone a little younger. As far as making yourself available, sometimes it's fun to say you are doing something when you are actually at home -- it leaves him wondering. :)
This is awesome :))
Haylin Huang
I feel like this article is teaching a girl how to impress a guy temporarily rather than make the guy she's texting like her back. I tell my guy when I'm on my period, I don't lie at all--I don't find it to be necessary--you can totally make driving in traffic sound sexy ("stuck in traffic honking my horns! U can too if you'd like ;)"). Bottoms line, be yourself and he'll gush over you way more than if you pretend to be someone you're not.
Great article! Making notes in my little black book for sure
Really needed this!
Barbie Brown
While I agree with some of these, and have done some of them and they work (like playing hard to get), if you have to play games all the time with a guy it's time to move on.
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