13. LOL


No matter how giggly you are in real life, constantly adding "LOL" after all of your texts can get on any guy's nerves. Most of the time, the "LOL" has nothing to do with the conversation and it's just fluff. There's nothing wrong with letting your guy know you're laughing at his funny comment, but too many "LOLs" can be too much!

Go Easy with the Emojis


Valerie Chong
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Hey everyone, I need help! I fell deeply in love with a boy and I really want to be with him. The thing is that I never speak to him or to his only friend. In addition to that I'm terrible shy as pe...
I think you should tell him you think he's cute There's nothing wrong with that plus he can't control your feeling If Dosnt it's fine life goes on ... Just be yourself and never be with someone with condition 😄
omgosh! I really like this boy he is super cute, should I tell him? HELP PLEASE LADIES❤❤
Only good for the beginning of relationships. I wouldn't text my boyfriend that I was out if I wasn't or laying in bed if I'm not even home.
it works! 😊
Janet Lee
Help me a lot :)
I liked the no.7
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