15. Forget the 3-day Rule


UGH - I hate "texting rules". There's no reason you have to wait three days after seeing someone before texting them. If you want to talk, go ahead and type up a message! It's alright to initiate conversation - just try using these guidelines to help you! Remember, don't bombard him with messages - keep it cool and casual.

Don't Pretend to Be Something You're Not


This is embarrassing
Ahahaha i laughed so much !! This is so ridiculous
No offence but a lot of this is stupid and ridiculous and would only work with someone who's not serious, because a guy who really loved you wouldn't give a crap about most of this...
If you like a boy and he truly likes you then he will like the really you no matter how crazy, and clingy etc you may be.
Every person is different, you can't say that a boy wouldn't like you if you were clingy or if you talked about something meaningful,you can't just blanket categories boys to like and do the same things.
tbh if a guy is really worth it get won't give a damn wether you double text him or not
Dominik Mason
*like you
Dominik Mason
Lmao this article is overall childish. What are we, children? If you actually have to do any of these things than your man doesn't like, he likes the girl you're pretending to beπŸ˜‚
In my opinion, most of the things in this article were trying to place rules on texting even though the author states "I don't like texting rules". Very hypocritical. It isn't necessary to be watching...
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