18. Keep It Positive

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We all have bad days from time to time but you don't want to be known as a negative Nancy who's always texting bad news or gossip. Keep things light-hearted and positive so he'll look forward to getting texts from you! Maybe he's having a bad day and you just might put a smile on his face!

Be Mindful of the Time of Day or Night


Heather Jensen
Hi Amy! I would definitely say that friends with benefits relationships are harder. They can work, but they are harder, especially when feelings get involved. Do you think you could be just friends with benefits with him?
Amy Hagan
Im really starting to talk more with the boy I like and he has asked to be friends with benefits and I said yes but since we started doing it we haven't met because we are both so busy and our convers...
Cordelia Mashiah
@Cordelia Mashiah, love thr infoβ™‘β™‘β™‘
Cordelia Mashiah
Yes thz is sme pretty cool stuff:)β™₯β™‘
Hmm, this also sounds like your not going to be with a man who can handle a serious adult relationship. If he can't handle hearing about your period, something totally natural and something you can't ...
Crystal D
Oops! Boyfriend
Crystal D
I def will keep these tricks up my sleeve when I text my buy friend
I agree with the sex appeal part but playing too hard to get can keep a great guy wondering and feeling insecure. You want the guy to feel comfortable and secure with his choice (you)
amanda alexis
#6 was the best advice! :)
Monique Ramat Tomines
Really needed this :) ..
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