18. Keep It Positive

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We all have bad days from time to time but you don't want to be known as a negative Nancy who's always texting bad news or gossip. Keep things light-hearted and positive so he'll look forward to getting texts from you! Maybe he's having a bad day and you just might put a smile on his face!

Be Mindful of the Time of Day or Night


Cordelia Mashiah
@Cordelia Mashiah, love thr infoβ™‘β™‘β™‘
Cordelia Mashiah
Yes thz is sme pretty cool stuff:)β™₯β™‘
Hmm, this also sounds like your not going to be with a man who can handle a serious adult relationship. If he can't handle hearing about your period, something totally natural and something you can't ...
Crystal D
Oops! Boyfriend
Crystal D
I def will keep these tricks up my sleeve when I text my buy friend
I agree with the sex appeal part but playing too hard to get can keep a great guy wondering and feeling insecure. You want the guy to feel comfortable and secure with his choice (you)
amanda alexis
#6 was the best advice! :)
Monique Ramat Tomines
Really needed this :) ..
Trace Dawn
I say be urself and the ones who text you back are the only ones worth talking to anyway! Sheesh ppl!!! Get a clue!
Heather Jensen
That is great advice Harlea!! :) Thank you for that!
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