2. When He's a Foot Away


We all want to constantly tell the guy we're drooling over that we miss him, and like him, and want to blow his phone up with emoticons, but the truth is it will just scare him away.2

Don't be that girl who texts her boyfriend "I miss you" when he leaves to go to the bathroom.

Instead, take the opportunity to text him something sexy like, "I can't wait to take you home tonight," or "Wait till you see what's underneath this (clothing)." That way you'll turn the tables and have him drooling over you.

Make It Sexy


ChloΓ© Evelyn Lamb
I do agree you shouldn't jump at the chance to hang out in the beginning especially and if you have other things you planned to do that day.. like even just to go to the gym or church things that are a commitment to only yourself you come first!! You deserve to be made time for not to fill time in to a mans life especially last minute I made the mistake of doing that before and eventually I just felt like an option it never worked out or made me happy
ChloΓ© Evelyn Lamb
I agree with all the girls about the lying... lying is never the right thing to do. Why lie ? I would rather a guy know the real me that can stay home on a Saturday night and lay in bed or i work with kids and play fashion show .. I will say simple things like I am at the gym lifting weights.. Maybe send a pic in the gym mirror or with glitter tattoos on my face from the fashion show as a silly addition..I'm a real person if a guy wants me to be anything other than me I don't want him anyway
Don't lie, you won't impress anyone. Second not all this works for an adult relationship.
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