3. Make It Sexy


Men are extremely visual.

They are constantly thinking about sex, food, and sports.

If you put a picture in their mind, that is what they will focus on for quite some time.

When a guy asks you what you're up to, always respond with something sexual.

For example, if you're driving in traffic, lie and tell him you just got out of the shower.

If you're home watching The Notebook with a bowl of popcorn, tell him you're out dancing with your friends.

The best is to let a boy know you're just lying in bed.

Remember to keep it simple and don't overdo it.

It's all about letting him explore his own imagination.

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Crystal Skye
I don't like these texting games either. I like to be real at all times.
@Rachael Eby this, I like this.
@Naomi Louise Scott I think she's so used to dating boys she thinks men like the same things.
Leone Lobos
When texting boys... What kind of boys? Those who only want you for sex? Girl, in a real relationship, being honest and of course being yourself are the ways to go. The only advice I can take is #6. Anyway, keep it going ^^
Agreed with everyone here. Guys should like you for you and if they like these gimmicks and you don't, then definitely not right! This is basically saying you should flaunt sexuality because that is all guys want. Which is not true.
never lie to a guy or anybody. say you are parting when you actually are in home doing nothing? if he asks just say it. probably thatΒ΄s what heΒ΄s doing too. if a guy likes you cause you are supposed to be a party animal just let him go.. these are really childish advises. please keep away from them! maybe the title was things not to do if you ever want to have a boyfriend
Ana Kirby
My boyfriend likes #5 :/
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