5. Leave out the Baby Talk


Anything you would say to a newborn baby stays far away from the conversation when it comes to things to say and not to say when texting boys. A guy does not want to be coddled, especially through a phone. Don't remind him of his mother. Keep out the "hey baby, hey sexy, hey cutie pie, hey sweetie." I know it sounds like a good idea, but if you're texting him, use your flirtation in a sly way instead. Even talking about the weather can be sexual. Just make sure to keep your greetings in the friend zone. Think of it as if you're texting your brother.

Don't Double Text


Claire Ruiz Hartell
Claire Ruiz Hartell
Woooooh! This really help! :)
I've done all of this with the guy I really like so I guest I'm screwed, I wish I could turn the table and get my mojo back and do it right and keep the ball in my court
I like #3 make it sexy i'm going to use this :)
Lol#3 totally true about mot guys!!😆
Denise Cristobal
That's a relief, Elanra. That would have been creepy and pedophilic. :P
I don't think I've ever said to a baby "hey sexy"....
Never lie... It's not cool and no guy wants someone that is going to lie to them
Becca Conary
@Amy Hagan, I'm sure your questions are not stupid. He sounds like kind of a jerk if he's just going to just out and out tell you something like that. You are worth more than that, and you need to tel...
Heather Jensen
Hi Amy! I would definitely say that friends with benefits relationships are harder. They can work, but they are harder, especially when feelings get involved. Do you think you could be just friends with benefits with him?
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