6. Don't Double Text

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Girls, how many times do you respond to a guy, wait, and hear nothing back, then text him again?

Your one and only solution is if a guy wants to talk to you, he will talk to you.

It's plain and simple.

If you want a response with a guy, the thing to say when texting a boy is a question.

Don't push it by overwhelming him with stupid questions that make it obvious you just want to be texting.

Give him a chance to text you.

Play cat and mouse, give a little, and take a little.

You'll never now how much a guy is into you if you don't give him the chance to pursue.

Keep the Ball in Your Court


That last picture though.
@Jo I've talked to my guy friends and they say that beings guy sucks. They do get embarrassed if they have a boner and also they get them more often than we ever get our periods.
@Haylin I totally agree with you about that you don't lie to your friend. I tell my guy friends a lot of things, and either they take it or they don't. I treat them like anyone else, unless it's my crush.
Will for sure remember this. Thanx a ton
So instead of saying hey hunny bun or cutie I should say hey love?
Lol it would be so funny if I did #4 to my boyfriend because we've been together for three years now
Sapna Pathak
Loved the article I mostly do all of these n yes the guys go crazy
I feel like some of these are sending him signs that you're trying to avoid him. In my opinion, these are good reasons, but if you like a guy, go for it. Don't worry about trying to be mysterious or something
I find it's better to have less words too, right your message and take out the words you can, attention focused on the main words, guys don't have a lot of enthusiasm to read long texts
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