8. One-word Answers


Have you ever taken your time to carefully compose a text and only get a one-word or even a one-letter answer?

It can be totally infuriating.

While men might be guilty of doing the same thing, they actually find it annoying to send you a long text and get a seemingly insincere short response.

Take the time to form a longer response next time, he'll appreciate it.

Keeping Tabs


I don't think I've ever said to a baby "hey sexy"....
Never lie... It's not cool and no guy wants someone that is going to lie to them
Becca Conary
@Amy Hagan, I'm sure your questions are not stupid. He sounds like kind of a jerk if he's just going to just out and out tell you something like that. You are worth more than that, and you need to tell him to stop being such a dick if he wants this thing to work. It's called "friends with benefits" not "dickheads with benefits." He still has to be nice and respect you, even though you aren't strictly an item.
Heather Jensen
Hi Amy! I would definitely say that friends with benefits relationships are harder. They can work, but they are harder, especially when feelings get involved. Do you think you could be just friends with benefits with him?
Amy Hagan
Im really starting to talk more with the boy I like and he has asked to be friends with benefits and I said yes but since we started doing it we haven't met because we are both so busy and our conversations over the phone keep going wrong because he says I ask stupid questions and I get really nervous, what do I do?
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