9. Keeping Tabs


It's one thing to ask where your guy is when he's running 15 minutes late, but it's quite another to constantly ask where he is, just because.

Just because he doesn't answer your text right away, don't bombard him with "OMG, where are you?!" texts.

Even if you're worried about him, these texts can appear overly attached or possessive.

Professing Your Love


Kiana Dalton
Wtf is with three?! I'm not gonna let him sexualise me to like me
A little be of mystery keeps things interesting. It keeps him intrigued.
@Itsel, I dont think it si, i mean we have a boyfriend to hear us out and to care for our feelings. Wont u do that for him?
That last picture though.
@Jo I've talked to my guy friends and they say that beings guy sucks. They do get embarrassed if they have a boner and also they get them more often than we ever get our periods.
@Haylin I totally agree with you about that you don't lie to your friend. I tell my guy friends a lot of things, and either they take it or they don't. I treat them like anyone else, unless it's my crush.
Will for sure remember this. Thanx a ton
So instead of saying hey hunny bun or cutie I should say hey love?
Lol it would be so funny if I did #4 to my boyfriend because we've been together for three years now
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